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The majority of these projects were worked on while a Project Team Member at Baylis Architects.  The following features Mixed-use Multi-family and Single Family projects based in the Greater Seattle and Greater Los Angeles areas. Whether the client be a developer or home owner, the following projects share a common goal: to provide thoughtful design that is conscientious of context, budget, and schedule and that ultimately creates an enriching place to call home. 


The following projects were either completed or proposed as part of an effort on behalf of Real Architecture Workshop and Architects Without Borders - Seattle.  All work is offered free of charge and is developed in close connection with the communities and organizations that will be the end users and stewards of the design work.


Assorted tenant improvement and commercial projects − most of which were completed while at Baylis Architects − seeking to capitalize on re-purposing existing spaces into more fitting and functional work environments.  Projects range in scale but all seek to bring new life to old spaces.

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