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Lake Sammamish, WA

Worked on while a Project Team Member at Baylis Architects:  This 4,000+ square foot single family home seeks to support an active and full family on Lake Sammamish in Washington State. The design strikes a balance between northwest accented modernism and conventional residential aesthetics. The home strives to be its own unique entity while still blending fittingly with the neighboring residences. Abundant glazing on all facades provides a well lit sequence of interior spaces that offer a strong link to the outdoors through panoramic views.  These views are complimented by large operable doors in the main living spaces that extend the interior outward towards the lake, capitalizing on shared space with the site’s best feature -- lake front living. Large decks serve as extensions of the social spaces, creating outdoor rooms that are flexible and prepared to make the most out of northwest summers. The home provides spacious refuge in the winter and optimal access to light and the lake in the summer.

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