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MNichols Design is a full-service Architectural Practice specializing in Single Family Residential, Mixed Use Multifamily Residential, and Commercial Projects. MNichols Design pursues a Client-first approach and defines project success by how well each design achieves the best version of what the Client is envisioning. MNichols Design focuses on projects in California and Washington State with an expertise in the Southern Californian Region.

An entryway with a wooden staircase and a painting.
A group of people are sitting at a table in an office.
  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • TOC Incentive & Affordable Housing
  • Analysis
  • SB9 Lot Splits, Duplexes, & Two Unit Developments
  • Single Family & Multi-family ADUs
  • Spacing Planning & Programming
  • Concept Design
  • Traditional Schematic Design thru Construction Documents & Admin
  • Remodels, Additions, Tenant Improvements, and New Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Concept Design
  • By-Right Lot Splits & Lot Mergers

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A spacious, modern room with a high white ceiling, large glass windows showcasing an outdoor view, wooden flooring, a simple chair with a footrest by an easel, artwork on the wall, and.
A white bathroom with a glass shower door.

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